About Us

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Welcome to Jane Todd Crawford Hospital, located in Greensburg, Ky. Our new facility, located at 290 Industrial Park Road, opened in October 2022.  We are a 25-bed, acute care, Critical Access Hospital (CAH), offering quality service in a small personalized setting with an excellent staff to attend to all patient needs.

Among the services offered are a long term (swing bed) program, intensive outpatient program (IOP), radiology, physical and respiratory therapy, and inpatient dialysis. The hospital operates a rural health clinic, Green County Primary Care; a clinic for out-of-town specialists, Jane Todd Specialty Clinic; a program for senior adults, Jane Todd IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program); and a retail pharmacy, Jane Todd Pharmacy.

Jane Todd Crawford Hospital provides jobs for approximately 260 people and is the second-largest employer in the county. The hospital has been taking care of patients in the Green County area since 1962.

Accreditations & Licensure

American College of Radiology

Kentucky State Radiation Division

Kentucky State Radiological Board

American Registered Radiological Technologists

Kentucky Board of Respiratory Care Therapists

National Board of Respiratory Care Therapists

Certified Asthma Educators

Certified Pediatric Specialty Therapists

Certified Pulmonary Function Technologists

Kentucky Board of Physical Therapists

Kentucky Board of Physical Therapists Assistants

Cabinet of Family and Health and Services

Kentucky Hospital Association Member